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These are all the things I've learned after living in New Zealand for 2 years. It's all the quirks and traits which make New Zealand so uniquely special. When i first stepped off that plane in Auckland I had no idea what lay ahead of me. But, before I knew it, Kiwi slang made it's way into my everyday sentences and the things I thought were rather strange, become the norm. Before long this country which is so far away from my own, felt like home.

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Slovenia is Europe's little gem. It is my favourite country in Europe, if not, one of my favourite countries of all time. For me, it is reminiscent of New Zealand which is why I think I fell so hard for it. It has everything you could possibly desire all within such a small area. It is home to the incredible capital of Ljubljana, crystal clear lakes and stunning mountain ranges.

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New York is a city which excites and awakens you. It is a place where anything is possible, where the chasers come in pursuit of their dreams. To spend a few days in this metropolis is on most people's bucket lists and here is the top 10 things you simply cannot miss, in no particular order...

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You can still smoke indoors. The smoking ban was introduced in Scotland when I was 15 years old. I had almost completely forgotten what it was like before the ban existed. Then I moved to Czech and the memories came floating back like a puff of smoke in a crowded room. 

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