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Simply choose a destination to see our recommended hotel. Whether you want to wander the ancient streets of Rome, or experience the worlds largest beer festival at Oktoberfest. We've found the perfect place for you to stay. 

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Each destination has a corresponding hand selected, carefully researched hotel. Wherever you want to go, we've found the best place for you to stay. We've taken the hard work out of hotel research and instead, we recommend only the best in each destination. 

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We are the opposite of a comparison website, for people who don't want the best "deal" but who want The Best. Period. Our carefully curated selection of hotels is a trusted resource for our customers and ensures your travels are not only enjoyed, but enhanced. 

Visit Macchu Picchu

Experience Machu Picchu from the Inkaterra Machu Picchu Pueblo Hotel

See Christ the Redeemer

Enjoy stunning views of Christ the Redeemer from Vila Santa Teresa Hotel

Visit the Taj Mahal

Stay opposite The Gateway of India whilst at The Oberoi Amarvilas Agra


Palazzo Manfredi Hotel

Discover Rome at its most authentic. The Colosseum right before your very eyes, so close you can almost touch it. Inside, the charms of this extraordinary period residence, so rich in history, combining hospitality, elegance and impeccable service to give you an experience of Rome like no other...

Hong Kong

The Hari Hotel

The Hari is more than a perfect night’s stay, the luxury Hong Kong hotel provides an ideal base for exploring the local neighbourhoods and encouraging guests to foster a deeper appreciation for the city, doing more than scratching the surface of the surrounding Causeway Bay and Wan Chai districts...


Only YOU Hotel

A refreshing hotel that helps its residents connect with the city. Perfectly located for enjoying Valencia's historic heartland, Only YOU hotel is just a few metres away from Plaza del Ayuntamiento. A truly extraordinary spot in the heart of Valencia, and the perfect base for discovering the city...

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