What is Travel?

Travel isn't just about discovering the world around us.


It is also a journey to discover oneself.


I believe instilled into each of us is an innate desire to explore. A constant yearning to know more, see more, experience more. 


Why do people conquer mountains? Dive the depths of the ocean? Travel to far off lands? Eat foreign foods? Learn different cultures? Speak new languages?


It is to push yourself far beyond the realms of your comfort zone. 


To experience life and all it has to offer. 


To know that no two days will ever be the same.


To thrive on the unexpected. To prosper in the unknown.


Travel happens when the photograph's and the stories are no longer adequate. When you need to see something with your own eyes and taste it with your own mouth. You don't want to have the sea described to you, you want to smell the salty air and dip your toes in the lapping waves. 


Travel is the ability to completely lose yourself, but to also find yourself all at once.


Travel is the sweetest rebellion. 


It is to understand the fundamental importance of doing the things that scare you most.


It is to let go of all preconceived ideas. To trust how you feel, instead of how you should feel. To be completely free of all inhibitions. 


Give in to your lust for adventure; Bungee jump. Sky dive. Mountain Bike. White Water Raft. Canyon. Snowboard. Dive off cliffs into lusciously cool lakes. Samba dance in Brazil. Eat Tapas in Spain. See wild rhinos in Africa. 


Find something to marvel at.


Be awestruck, be left breathless, be brave.


Life only happens to us once, make the most of it. 


There will never be a right time, there is only now.


Take a leap of faith.










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