Another side of Sydney: The Blue Mountains

I bet when you picture Sydney there are certain images which conjure up in your mind; beautiful beaches, the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge.

One thing I bet you don’t think of is Mountains.

And forests.

And Waterfalls.

Welcome to The Blue Mountains, Sydney, Australia.

This UNESCO world heritage site is given its name due to the eucalyptus trees which grow here and emit a mist which gives the whole forest a slightly blue hue.

Only a 90 minute drive from Sydney’s city centre it’s easy to rent a car and come here for a day trip. For those like me who prefer wide open spaces to crowded city centres it is a welcome break from Sydney’s bustling centre. 

There are numerous trails through the national park which range from 30 minutes to several hours long so you can choose the trail you want dependant on time and fitness and wander at ease through the dense forest, past waterfalls and stunning view points. The landscape here is incredibly raw and beautiful, it’s so easy to forget that you’re here, in this mystical forest on a day trip from Australia’s biggest city. 

Following the winding tracks through the dense woodland there is a surprise at every turn.

One of the most famous views of the Blue Mountains is that of the “3 Sisters” which is a jagged rock formation which emerge from the greenery. 

This is a seriously beautiful part of Australia, and one that took me completely by surprise. It is an absolute must for anyone visiting Sydney, as tempting as Bondi and Manly can be it is so refreshing to get involved in the great outdoors and experience something other than city life.


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