What No One Tells You About Vang Vieng

Anyone who has travelled South East Asia will have heard of the infamous Vang Vieng, the unique place where you float down a river in a rubber ring, drifting from bar to bar, drinking and playing games before getting back into your rubber ring to continue on down stream.

It is a unique bar crawl.

A place synonymous with drunk backpackers.

But what no one tells you about Vang Vieng is how god damn beautiful it is.


Forget the bars, the tubing, and the drunk backpackers and just look at where you are!

In a valley surrounded by green mountains and picturesque rivers.


I remember the first time I went tubing I was astounded at how beautiful the place was. All I had been told about were the bars and the drinking, yet no one mentioned the towns beautiful backdrop.

Be prepared to be charmed by Vang Vieng and its old world feel. 

It is a place that will enchant you with it's slow pace, it's crooked bamboo bridges and local children playing in the many rivers which run through the town. Aside from the tubing, it is a sleepy little town where nothing happens quickly so kick back, recharge and enjoy life, Lao style.


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