Trieste: Checking Into The Savoia Excelsior Palace

The Savoia Excelsior Palace Hotel is part of the Star Hotels Alliance and is one of the most luxurious hotels we  have ever stayed in.




Entering the hotel you are greeted with glistening chandeliers, rich fabrics, carved ceilings and an undeniable air of decadence. The luxurious lobby which greets you has a little magic about it and had it not been for a desire to explore Trieste, I honestly don't think I would have left the hotel at all. 

The opulent style of the lobby continues on throughout the hotel into the rooms. I stayed in a double room with a sea view complete with a balcony overlooking the Gulf of Trieste. The spacious and inviting rooms have everything you could possibly need during your stay or if you require something else then the staff at The Savoia Excelsior are only too happy to help. 

Sunset from the balcony - seriously WOW!!
Sunset from the balcony - seriously WOW!!

The beds are criminally comfortable and the sea view rooms are the perfect place for capturing an Italian sunset. A buffet breakfast is served in a beautifully grand dining room with views of the sea and the variety is incredible, from locally sourced fruit to warm croissants straight from the oven. 


But, it's not just Excelsior's style and indulgence which sets it apart from the rest, situated in the heart of Trieste, you couldn't get a better location. Only a short walk away from the main attractions including Piazza dell'Unita d'Italia, roman ruins and Museo Revoltella.


Trieste, whilst not as well known as Rome or Venice, offers a authentic glimpse at Italy. Away from the crowds of tourists and jam packed tours which are overly common in other cities, Trieste is a laid back city offering delicious Italian cuisine. Strolling leisurely through the city trying as much Gelato as humanely possible before returning to the beautiful Savoia Excelsior Palace made for the perfect getaway. 



Half This World Away stayed at the The Royal Park Palace Hotel as a guest of the hotel. All opinions and photos remain our own!


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