Guest post written by Samuel Larson

Taking a trip to Thailand isn’t something you should be fearful of – but that’s not to say there aren’t some extra things you can do to ensure both you and your personal belongings are as safe as possible. Here are some helpful tips and advice to ensure your trip to Thailand is full of only good memories, and none of police stations or emergency rooms.  



     Check your hotel room


When you arrive, make sure everything in your hotel room is working as it should be. All too often we’ll sit down after a long journey and forget to make these important checks – but they really could make all the difference.


Some of the things you might want to check for include:


·      Whether the peep hole works

·      If the lock or safety chain works

·      If there is a working smoke alarm

·      Where the emergency exits are

·      If all the locks work on windows


If there are issues with the state of the room you find, you may be in danger of falling victim to theft. Report this to reception and ask to change rooms, usually in Asia you can request to see a room before paying to ensure you are happy.



Thailand has become famed for its beaches in recent years, but it’s important to know how to go about having fun in these locations. For example, as appealing as it might be to party on a deserted beach, only do so if you’re in a large group.


It’s important to keep your wits about you – some beaches can be prime spots for attacks, because there are very few people around to witness a crime if it does occur. Similarly, you should only go swimming in the sea if there are other people nearby. Should you get into trouble in the water, it’s important for people to be able to see and hear you.




Perhaps unsurprisingly, theft is something which is as much of an issue in Thailand as it is anywhere else across the world. For visitors this is a particular problem, with it standing out as the most common crime reported by tourists.


You can keep your valuables safe by keeping them out of sight, and never storing them in your back pockets. Also do your best to look as natural as possible. While you might not blend in naturally in a place like Thailand, you can at least make yourself look as little like a tourists as possible.

     Prepare for the conditions  


In a country with such an amazing climate, there’s always the unfortunate side-effect of needing to prepare for incredibly stifling conditions. That means staying hydrated as much as you can, as well as always covering up with sunscreen.


There are plenty of ways to stay hydrated, but the simplest and most efficient is to keep a steady supply of water going into your system throughout the course of the day. When it comes to cream, make sure to apply steadily throughout the day.




If you’re heading to Thailand in the near future, fear not, if you take note of the above advice, you probably won’t run into too much trouble.


Guest Post by Samuel Larson.