Why travelling South East Asia is easier than ever before

When it comes to backpacking South East Asia, most travellers do this on a tight budget. For those of us with big ideas but shallow pockets, South East Asia is a backpackers dream. With white sand beaches, a fascinating culture, delicious street food from $1 and local beers for even less, you can have an incredible trip to this part of the world without it costing you a fortune.



Throughout each country in South East Asia, there is the typical backpacker route which has been well trodden over the past 30 plus years. This route will take you through the stunning beaches of Southern Thailand to its dense jungles of the North. Or, lead you from the capital city of Hanoi in northern Vietnam, down to the buzzing, larger-than-life city of Ho Chi Minh in the south. However, this route has gradually changed over recent years thanks to Air Asia’s ability to provide low-cost flights and this has really revolutionised travel in South East Asia. 


When we travelled South East Asia around 6 years ago then we tended to bus between countries, sometimes meaning you were on an overnight bus for at least 12 hours. We had one particularly disastrous bus journey between Cambodia and Laos where a 12 hour journey gradually became a 36 hour journey, and involved several breakdowns, scams and a closed border. There were even more people than seats on the bus! But no more! Long bus journeys are no longer part and parcel with exploring South East Asia, and instead you can book Air Asia Airlines tickets at a cheap rate.


Busing between the countries themselves, definitely isn’t the quickest, safest nor the most fun way to see this part of the world. However, for so many years it really was the only option; especially for those travelling on a restricted budget. Now, thanks to Air Asia, busing around South East Asia can be a thing of the past. Never before has booking flights instead of buses been so quick, easy and most of all, cheap! Rather than spending hours up on hours travelling between destinations, using Air Asia as your preferred budget airline you can save time on travelling between places and instead use it to explore the destination itself.  


With over 120 destinations across Asia and even Australia, you can fly to just about anywhere which makes visiting places like Indonesia or The Philippines much more accessible than ever before. Now all you have to do is purchase a cheap air ticket and fly to one of your dream destinations!


Not only do these flight routes and prices make travelling easier for people on a budget, but they also make a huge difference to those travelling with limited time. When we backpacked Asia then we done it with the luxury of no end date, we simply travelled until we had to work again. However, we met countless other travellers who were visiting the region on their annual two week break and sometimes even shorter than that! If you are only going to be in South East Asia for a couple of weeks, then you simply cannot “afford” the long journeys when travelling by land and flights are an absolute must when it comes to making the most of your time here.


So whether you are in South East Asia for 2 weeks or 2 months, whether you have a limited budget or all the money in the world, flying Air Asia is undoubtedly the best way to travel this incredible and diverse little corner of the world.