Philippines: The Best 2 Weeks Itinerary

best places to visit in the philippines

We didn't get a chance to see much of the Philippines the last time we were there, but it certainly left us with a strong desire to go back. 


The country is made up of more than 7000 islands in varying shape and size, and so it makes for one of the best locations for a tropical vacation. Each island has its own special vibe and different attractions to offer, so choosing where to go can provide to be quite a challenge. 


We feel like 2 weeks is the bare minimum for anyone who is planning to visit the Philippines. That said, you could easily spend months there without getting bored for a second. Much like our Vietnam Itinerary, it's a matter of personal taste. So, the best idea is to come for a short while and if you like it, just extend your stay or come back again with more time to spare. 


The main attractions in the Philippines naturally revolve around its wonderful beaches, lagoons and small islands. The underwater world is also amazing, with some of th best diving and snorkelling spots you'll ever see. Still, there's also a lot to do and see on land as well. Many people make the mistake of thinking the country is lacking in terms of culture, history and cuisine - but thats really not the case at all! You just have to dig a little bit deeper than usual to find the real hidden gems of the Philippines. 



manila - at least 2 days

Most tourists have their eyes set on a beach vacation in paradise and can't wait to get out of the city. This is quite understandable since Manila is quite hard to digest at first - it's a huge metropolitan city with chaotic traffic, noise and pollution everywhere. Still, the city also offers the best chance to learn about local culture and traditions. Not only that, but it also has quite a few very nice locations not far from it which make for excellent day trips. 


The list of the 25 Best Things to do in Manila it literally endless - everyone can find something there that he would like. Nightlife is excellent, the food is the best in the country and the old city is an excellent place to soak up on some culture and history. 


Outside of the city the main attractions are Pagsanjan Falls and Taal Volcano. You can easily visit both on the same day. The volcano is really beautiful and climbing to the summit will grant you a spectacular panoramic view of the whole area. In its crater, there is a small lake in which you can even swim! Many guides also suggest going to Subic Bay but we would rather avoid that - it's 3.5 hours drive which means you'll have to spend the night there, and despite its name the place has no beach. Subic is good for wreck dives but not much else.


palawan - at least 4 nights

Palawan is famous for being the best and most beautiful island in the world. The large island is made up of 3 main areas; Puerto Princesa, El Nido and Coron. Many tourists spend 2 weeks or even more exploring this wonderful island, but if you are stretched for time then 4-5 nights will do. You have to choose 2 out of the 3 most popular locations and arrange your itinerary accordingly. 


One popular route is landing in Puerto Princesa and spending a single night there. Then, go to the Underground River the following dat, before heading immediately after that to El Nido. The Subterranean River is one of the new wonders of the world - a magnificent cave complex and home to the 2nd largest underground river known to man. 


El Nido is the most popular tourist spot in Palawan and offers the most beautiful islands and hidden beaches for you to explore. If you have ever seen stunning photos from the Philippines, they were most Kiel taken there. This is also the place with the most luxurious resorts - there are no less than 5 different private island resorts and they are all wonderful to stay at. These all inclusive vacation packages for 2018 with guarantee you get VIP treatment while in El Nido, and can actually help you save a lot of money. 


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