Impulsive trips are sometimes the best: How to take advantage of great flight offers.

David and I are both known for randomly and impulsively booking trips as sometimes offers on flights or accommodation are just too good to miss. Like the time we were living in New Zealand and Air New Zealand offered one-way flights to Hawaii for $250! We were planning on going out for lunch that afternoon, but instead, we spent all our money on those flights and opted for some beans on toast at home instead!


For as long as I can remember, we’ve always spent our money on trips as opposed to things. Putting every last penny to the once in a lifetime safari trip in Kenya or going all out at a Michelin star restaurant in Malaga. However, there have been lots of occasions where incredible flights offers have hit our mailboxes a few days before payday, and we’ve had to figure out how to book the flights before they’re gone! It’s so frustrating to miss out on great deals because your waiting on your next wage. When it comes to snapping up some great travel deals, then one option of course, is using a credit card. However, we’ve recently became aware of a website called Cash Lady which offers great payday loans that can be approved within 2 minutes! This means you never need to miss out on a great deal again; simply apply for a payday loan, book your flights and pay the loan back on pay day, or longer if you prefer. 



Using the Cash Lady service, you can get loans up to £2000 and can even have up to 12 months to pay them back. So many people across the UK use payday loans and this research by Cash Lady details where and why they are used. There are a whole host of reasons why payday loans from Cash Lady may be the perfect solution for you. We thoroughly believe that life is all about living in the moment and making memories, and using Cash Lady, that unmissable trip of a lifetime can be yours.



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