Eastern Europe's Most Famous Nightlife Hotspots

If you haven’t been to Eastern Europe yet, what are you waiting for?!


This region may not be the most economically developed but people here sure do amp up the nightlife energy. Affordable prices, exciting tours, beautiful people - these nations have it all, and some cities are proudly standing among the world’s top urban hotspots for party-goers. 



You can always head to London, Berlin, Barcelona, and Paris, sure, you are guaranteed to have an awesome time. But if you really want to treat yourself with an out-of-the-box experience you will most likely never forget, try pinpointing the following cities on your travel map - you won’t regret it!




It took decades for this nation to get back on its feet after Ceausescu's iron fist rule and now, the capital of Romania is at the forefront of Eastern Europe’s party fever. With an abundance of exciting nightlife activities, Bucharest offers everything you need to blow off some steam like royalty and really delve deep into the hedonistic side of life.


With nightclubs like Control, Kristal Glam, Bamboo, and Fratelli Social Club, you are bound to get your kicks from this city’s contagious nocturnal energy that keeps it hardcore until dawn. Prices are incredibly affordable, tours are jam-packed with Instagram-worthy attractions, and if you wish to cure that tedious hangover, head on down to Therme Spa center, the region’s largest relaxation and recreation complex to date.



The Queen of Danube, as many call it, is one of the architecturally most well-preserved cities in this part of Europe. Budapest attracts millions of visitors each year and a large number of those guests are hip and urban adventurers in search of genuine nightlife experiences. And, boy, does Budapest have a lot in store for them! Nightclubs, streets comprised solely of pubs, cocktail bars, and concert venues, this city is ready for anyone’s tastes and preferences. And if you feel like you need a little recuperating after nights of partying, make sure to visit the ancient Roman spas. They will get you back into shape in no time!




This is a city of artists, students, and big drinkers. Yes, besides boasting imposing architecture, Krakow is also known for the staggering amounts of vodka consumed per capita. Slavs have always strived to celebrate life with every opportunity they get so prepare for some serious nightlife escapades if you ever visit this vibrant Polish city.


However, there is more to Krakow than meets the party-hungry eye. Make sure to visit attractions such as Wawel Castle, the Old Town, and the Barbican, and definitely do not miss the chance to visit Auschwitz concentration camp. Before you go indulging in the city's night-time perks, it is always good to learn what the city has gone through.



In all candor, these urban destinations may seem like they are a bit “off the grid” but don’t let that discourage you. The whole world is an oyster so it is always good to get out of your comfort zone. Eastern Europe is definitely one of the parts of the world that deserve your undivided attention so book those plane tickets and prepare yourself for a once in a lifetime nightlife experience! Whether you visit one of these three cities, or even Belgrade, Riga, Sarajevo, and Bratislava, one thing is certain - you will not be disappointed, you party animal!





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