The Best Professions That Allow You to Travel Frequently


An average of 9 to 5 profession isn’t for everybody.


For instance, for more wandering spirits, you probably don’t desire a job which requires you to be in one place all day, every day. Luckily, there is many a profession out there that lend themselves both to making money and exploration.





A lot of people believe that only a few people are able to succeed as writers. A profession as a writer often brings to mind an image of a tortured genius or someone who can spin worlds no one’s ever thought of before. If you can do this, that’s great! If you can’t, that doesn’t mean that you can’t find a career as a writer. 



Many freelance writers find work in informational pieces such as technical writing. They might also provide help to students by working for the online academic writing service. After all, essay writing is in great demand. Every year the number of students is growing and globalized world will allow you to help students from all over the world. You can even make money by running your own blog, but it does take a while to get started.

business consultant

For those that have a love for business but don’t want the average cubicle job, becoming a consultant may be just the thing they’re looking for. Consultants work with multiple companies rather than a single business. This gives a consultant plenty of chances to work in varied parts of the world. 



The main job of a consultant is to work with a company in a certain area of expertise. This can be anything from management to marketing and more. According to Business Insider, consultants can make salaries that exceed $90,000 annually.



teaching esl

For those that can speak more than one language, the chance of traveling job increases. As an example, teaching English as a second language is a great way to find a job in a foreign country. Teachers do need special licenses to practice and training is available on the ESL website.


flight and cruise ship attendant

An additional way to experience the world is to find a job that focuses on travel. A flight attendant, as an example, flies to different locales constantly. These are particularly good options if you have great customer service skills.



offer international aid

The Red Cross, Peace Corps Volunteer, Doctors Without Borders, and many similar organizations offer a lot of good to the world. They do this by going to locations that require aid and providing their services. For those that want to give back, one of these careers might be the right fit. 



Before going anywhere, these organizations require health evaluations and immunizations. It’s also helpful to have training or experience in fields that would be useful in this application.


au pair

We’ve already said that being bilingual opens up a lot of career paths. Aside from teaching English, being an au pair is another recommendation. This is especially good for individuals who love being around and helping kids. Au pairs help to care for children and live with the host family. 



Au pairs usually get complementary housing with the family. There is even the potential for salaries or even interesting trips with the family.



stage hand

If someone is great with sound and light equipment, they may want to consider building a career as a stagehand. As a stagehand, someone can work with a particular act and go on tour with them. It might take a while to build up to, yet it’s an interesting way to be more artistic. The International Alliance of Theater Stage Employees is a good place to start looking in this field. 



When you are looking for a job that will let you travel, you have a lot of options. With jobs like these, you won’t have to sacrifice your free spirit for a paycheck.



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