France — A Must-Visit Spot on Any Culinary Map of the World


Everybody needs to eat to survive and function properly, however most of us truly enjoy the process. Some of us even go to great lengths to make it our way of life, consistently seeking out new experiences in that culinary department. Sooner or later, the search for the great feast must bring us to French cooking.


There could be no definite answer among food aficionados to the question of which part of the world should be named as the most attractive destination when looking for fine cuisine. We all have different tastes, and there is plenty to see and try: tacos in Mexico, som tum in Thailand, tapas in Granada, street food in Vietnam and so on. French dining itself, thanks to the close vicinity of Spain, Italy, Germany and Belgium, benefits from various influences.



In France, the all-time classics on the table are probably available throughout the country. However, some of the regions have their own specialties for which they are renowned. Nor-mandy, with the beautiful coastline, must be famous from seafood like moules à la crème nor-mande (mussels) and matelote (fish stew). Alsace is full of gorgeous architecture and mes-merizing views but also full of the great history of incredible pastry chefs. A few others to check could be foie gras in Aquitaine, crêpes in Brittany or Gruyère Cheese Gougères in Bur-gundy. On top of everything, we should not forget about wines, with the region of Cham-pagne is distinguishable due to unique sparkling wine with its reserved name: Champagne. The most notable wine-producing areas in France are the previously mentioned Champagne, Burgundy and Bordeaux (of Aquitaine).


Alternatively, one can always go to a place where it is possible to try many exquisite things at once. Most of the fancy restaurants around the country should be able to deliver. A great idea is to stroll around the big, local farmer’s market and taste the regional fresh produce and other specialties. For a little more glamorous adventure, the Principality of Monaco is a destination to strongly consider, with Monte Carlo a must-visit. To prepare for a trip to Monte Carlo, con-sider packing light for the summer weather or watching memorable movie scenes featuring the famous place to get a sense of the surroundings before you go. But there is nothing to pre-pare you for a touch of luxury that you will unavoidably experience while there.



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