How to Protect your Bike and Have a Stress-Free Motorcycle Tour


Motorcycle tours are possibly one of the best ways to explore a new city or town. Should you talk to die-hard biking enthusiasts, they’ll reveal how exploring new destinations and the thrill of new adventures spurs them on to choose a new location each time. The sense of total freedom and the opportunity to immerse you in the beauty of nature is a unique experience, one that you can’t get while driving a car. Not only do motorcycles take you to places that may not be accessible by car, but you’ll also find that your holiday is a lot cheaper. In fact, like the folks on Forbes magazine estimate, you could have an enjoyable trip, sample gourmet local cuisine, meets tons of new people, and savor the beauty of new places is just around $1.50 a mile. Unbelievable! Isn't it?


step one of prepping? plan for the security of your motorcycle

The one downside of a motorcycle tour is that unlike a car, you can’t store all your baggage in the trunk and lock the vehicle. Further, when you stop for the night, you’ll want to secure the bike and keep it protected from theft. Like the security systems experts at GoFind Inc. advise, consider investing in a bike tracker. Once installed, you’ll connect the device to a mobile app that gives you the exact geographical location of the vehicle. Whether you have an iOS, Android, or smartphone, you can download the compatible software that has an accuracy of within 2.5 meters. Given the small size of the tracker, you can attach it to any discreet spot where even the most seasoned thieves won’t notice it.

concerned about power? the gadget runs on batteries.

In case you’re concerned about powering up the tracker, know that it runs on batteries that function for 5 to 7 days before needing to be recharged. In case the power is running low, you’ll receive an alert reminding you to charge it up. In addition, the batteries have power-saving settings that allow to make them last even longer. Of course, you can program the gadget to send you an alarm if a thief attempts to detach the tracker or power off the systems.


trackers give you the exact geolocation

Even if your bike does get stolen, getting it back will become exceedingly easy. The tracker will reveal the exact geolocation of the vehicle so law enforcement can pinpoint the precise location. At the time of programming the device, you can set up a Geofence with a specific radius. As soon as the bike leaves this preset area, you’ll receive an instant alert. With a click of a button on your mobile app, you’ll deactivate the power saving mode and have the tracker respond with its exact location. Keep in mind that the locator connects with your phone over AT&T or any other cellular network and does not need an internet connection. Even if you’re planning a motorcycle tour to a remote location, you need not worry to about not having internet connectivity.


tracking devices come with a warranty

In case you’re concerned about the tracker not working properly, know that you’ll receive a two-year warranty with your purchase. Most companies offer you a full replacement or refund guarantee if you wish to return it within 30 days. Even if you’re planning to rent a bike for your vacation, you can always switch between vehicles.



some additional measures - check with your hotel for parking facilities for motorcycles

At the time of booking your stay, check with the hotel for their policies regarding parking your vehicle. Many stayovers have bike racks at the entrance or just outside each wing. Ask if you can place the bike where you can keep an eye on it all through the night. When you arrive at the accommodation, look for a safe parking spot that is well-lighted and monitored by security cameras just as this feature on MCN recommends. Many hotels frequented by vacationers on motorcycle tours may have a special shed or closed garage where they allow you to store bikes and other two-wheelers. Make inquiries beforehand and book your stay accordingly. You might also be able to find a public parking facility specially meant for motorcycles. While searching around for a good place, don’t rule out a bike shop in the area. A 24-hour service station would also be a great choice. Just make sure to show your appreciation for the effort taken with a few generous tips.


cover up your precious bike with dark blankets and add locks

Like experienced bikers will tell you, the best way to stay safe on a motorcycle tour is to make your vehicle as inconspicuous as possible. Bring or hire a dark blanket that you can use to cover up. Turn the handles inline so the bike takes on a box-like appearance making it impossible to identify. Placing a lock and chain or disc lock on it could also work. But, remember to tether the vehicle to something really heavy and off the ground. Check out this article on Geico that outlines the right locking strategies and advises using a lamp post or bike rack. While the tracker will send you an alert if miscreants simply pick up the bike and load it on a truck or car, breaking the chain or wire cable will present an extra challenge. If you’re traveling with friends, securing two or more bikes with a single cable adds to the protection. 

Looking for some additional ideas? How about adding steering locks or simply, removing the spark plug. The best trick is always the most basic. When you’re ready to park for the night, make sure the fuel tank has just enough gas to make it to the nearest filling station. That’s how far a joyrider is likely to get on your stolen bike. 


When it comes to protecting your bike, every layer of protection you add helps to make sure you’ll return home with nothing but lasting memories of an exciting motorcycle tour.



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