The Fun of Last Minute Trips


It would definitely be true to say that David and I love to plan our trips; we get excited buying the latest Lonely Planet guide to our chosen destination. Obsessing over what we will do there or where we will eat. We love to read as many blogs and articles as we can, and to get a real feel of the place before we arrive.


We have also always been big advocates for spending our money on experiences as opposed to things. We saved hard for our honeymoon which was a once in a lifetime safari trip in Kenya, as well as our 6 months of backpacking around South America last year.


These trips have definitely been amongst our most enjoyable - after dreaming about visiting a country for a long time, to finally feel the plane wheels hit the tarmac runway is a sensation of pure child-like excitement I don't think I will ever get over. 


However, there have been lots of occasions where incredible flights offers have hit our mailboxes a few days before payday, and we’ve had to figure out how to book the flights before they’re gone! Like when we flew from New Zealand to Hawaii on a whim because Air New Zealand were offering flights for $250! We booked those flights with our very last $250 (literally) and opted to eat beans on toast for the next week to afford them. It was all worthwhile though, when we were sat with a beer in hand watching the sun set on Honolulu beach. 


Sometimes hard-to-resist offers will hit our inbox, to places we've never even heard of, and we've shoved a few items of clothing into a small hand luggage case and headed to the airport to explore destinations whose names we can't pronounce. Last minute trips can be so much fun purely because we have no idea what we are going to encounter.  


Thankfully, over the years we have been able to take advantage of unbelievable flight offers, but we know too well how frustrating it is to miss out on great deals because you're waiting on your next wage. When it comes to snapping up some great travel deals, then one option of course, is using a credit card. However, we’ve recently became aware of a website called Cash Lady which offers great cash loan options that can be approved within 2 minutes! This means you never need to miss out on a great deal again; simply apply for a payday loan, book your flights and pay the loan back on pay day, or longer if you prefer. 






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