Reasons to Visit Greece on your Next Vacation



Greece is a one of a kind holiday destination with a combination of beauty, culture and history that is hard to beat. In addition to its longstanding reputation as a cultural mecca, it also boasts beautiful beaches and modern conveniences akin to any top European country. 



the culture

For more than 2,000 years, Greece has been an occupied and thriving country. And, for nearly 500 years it was one of the leading societies in the world. Greece contributed so much to the formation of western society, and the roots of democracy are mostly from Greece. Greek culture also played key roles in philosophy, medicine, law and architecture, making it one of history’s most important cultures. 


Today you can see remnants of many of Greece’s most famous structures like the Parthenon, and the Temples of Zeus, Dyonisus, and Olympia. And with dozens of museums and galleries dedicated to the archeological history of the country, you can relive its glorious history.    



the island of mykonos

Mykonos is a lovely island in the southern part of the country located in the Aegean Sea which is part of the Mediterranean.


Thisland has become a favorite Greek destination for those seeking a relaxing excursion with white sand beaches and amazing hotels. You can lay around all day or take in the sights of the rolling hills and majestic plateaus. 


The Island of Mykonos is a fantastic stop to let out some stress and remind yourself what the good life feels like. The island is set up to pamper you with locals making it their business to add to your good time. This means great service and attitudes, and people that are helpful all the time. 


Come here during the summer months to be able to enjoy everything the island has to offer, particularly its white sand beaches and abundance of watersports. The beaches can get crowded so it is best to book a room at a private resort like the Adorno Suites Hotel, where you will have access to their private beach during your entire stay. To learn more about this amazing hotel and book one of their suites on Mykonos go to 



the food

Greek food is one of the worlds best because many of its dishes combine a variety of meats, vegetables and spices. The Greeks like hearty food and lamb is a favorite on the island. They also like baked dishes meaning you will find lots of rich food that delight your taste buds and fill your stomach.



the festivals

Greeks love to have a good time day or night and you will find many small and big festivals happening throughout the country in most of the towns and cities. These festivals will always include great food, lots of drink and vendors selling clothes and works by Greek artisans. The festivals sometimes go on for days and include dancing so wear comfortable shoes.






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