An Essential Guide To Caravan Covers

People love going on long camping trips during the summer holidays. There’s something about the fresh air in parks that drives families and friends to stay outside. 

There are several ways people travel to these camping sites, but the most practical way is to travel by caravan. You can travel leisurely and bring all the essential things you need. 

about caravaning

Caravaning can be a fun activity for big groups to enjoy. Your vehicle will be your home on the road, so check that it’s in good condition before you leave. Check all the gears and equipment, and ensure that everything is functional.

The best way to ensure that your caravan is in good condition is to maintain it well. All responsible caravan owners must make an effort to keep their vehicles in good shape. There are several things you can do to ensure your vehicle’s quality.

How to Maintain your caravan

1. Inspect the roof, wheels, and tires

Ideally, you must check your caravan every three months. It’s going to be extremely inconvenient when you find a leak during a road trip.

The wheel is one of the most essential parts of your caravan. You won’t be able to travel well without it. Tighten the lug nuts, so your steering doesn’t come off while you’re driving.

Also, remember to check the tire pressure. If they are under-inflated you won’t be able to move, and if they are overinflated they might explode and cause an accident. 


2. Check the batteries and brakes

It would be a nightmare if your batteries died in the middle of a camping trip. Keep it fully charged as often as possible and change it every three to five years.

Your brakes are another vehicle part that should be in their best shape. Keep them well lubricated during hot weather to prevent malfunctions.


3. Check the vehicle oil and filters

Caravans are on standby most of the time, so you must do seasonal oil changes to ensure everything is lubricated well. 

Also, check the fuel, coolant, air, and hydraulic filters every time you change your oil. These maintenance jobs will prevent wear and tear.


4. Protect the caravan during standby with a cover

Imagine you’re all done with your camping trip, and it’s time to leave your caravan on standby. How do you ensure that the outside won’t get damaged? Well, you need a caravan cover! It’s one of the best investments you can get for your RV.

benefits of using caravan covers

Why do you need caravan covers? Isn’t the vehicle strong enough to withstand the elements during storage?

Caravan covers give added protection to your vehicle to make it last longer. Here are some reasons why you should purchase a caravan cover.

      It provides additional water protection – Caravan covers are usually water-proof, so they can protect your vehicle from buildup on the roof or awnings. 

      It protects your caravan from UV damage – Sun damage will make your paint faint and your tires weak. A cover will reflect the UV rays off your caravan and keep it in good condition.

      Covers protect rubber seals – Your rubber window seals will rot with constant exposure to the elements. A caravan cover will prevent this damage and give it more endurance.

      Your caravan will still be in good shape – Your caravan will look brand new every time you take off the cover. Since the layer protects your vehicle from the elements it will last you a long time, and you won’t have to do constant repairs.


types of caravan covers & choosing the best ones

You must get your covers from a trusted supplier. Choose one that has covers for all types of caravans; this means they have various sizes and materials available. 

Most covers are made of polypropylene spun fabric for its water-proof quality. They must also be breathable, so mold doesn’t develop. These covers also have skirts with clips to fully cover your vehicle.

Caravans come in various sizes, so the covers must accommodate these measurements. The smallest measure is 14 by 16 feet, while the largest is 26 by 29 feet.

Other typical sizes are 16 by 18 feet, 18 by 20 feet, 20 by 24 feet, and 24 by 26 feet. Measure your vehicle before you buy the cover so it fits perfectly. 

Some high-quality covers can protect your caravan from high sun exposure, snow, and moisture. They can also prevent damage from sharp surfaces and long-term storage. These covers are pricey, but they offer excellent protection to your vehicle. 

So, choose which one works best for your caravan! Any cover will yield significant benefits.


tire covers

Caravan covers just reach down the side of your vehicle, so your tires will still be exposed to the elements. That’s why it’s best that you also buy tire covers for your caravan. These sheets will protect your wheels from UV damage and fatigue.

You can buy various sizes from your caravan cover supplier. They’re affordable and extremely functional.

Caravan covers protect your vehicle from outside elements and wear and tear. It’s an excellent investment to make all your camping trips memorable and hassle-free!


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