new zealand

"There is a real purity in New Zealand, and that's actually not an easy thing to find in this world anymore".     -Elijah Wood

New Zealand was our home for 2 years; and it will always have a special place in our hearts. The country's beauty is utterly breathtaking; there really is no where else like it in the world. Very few places have ever rendered us speechless, yet New Zealand was able to do it time and time again. 


From its whites and beaches and turquoise waters, to its snow capped mountains and glaciers. It's Fiordlands and lakes. Its geothermal pools and crystal clear rivers. New Zealand is Mother Nature at her very best; her completed work of art. 


There is often a debate between North Island and South Island; which island is better to visit. And for us, the South Island wins every time. The rugged beauty of the South Island is unprecedented, but the North Island also has some incredible sites. The best way to explore New Zealand is by camper van; fly into Auckland and explore the city, and be sure to catch a ferry to Waiheke to taste some of New Zealand's best wine. Then head north to the Bay of Islands and The Coromandel before returning South to catch the ferry to the South Island. Ensuring to stop off at Mount Maunganui, Rotorua, the Tongariro Crossing and Wellington


Then we have South Island, head South from Nelson where the ferry docks and take your time driving along New Zealand's winding country roads; past endless green fields, lakes and mountains. There is so much to see in the South Island, from Dunedin, Lake Tekkapo, Mount Cook to Queenstown and Wanaka. And of course, the incredible Milford Sound. Before heading back up north with stops at the Hokitika Gorge and Abel Tasman. 


And all of these are just the type of the iceberg; there is also so much more to see. This is a list of our absolute favourite places but, regardless of where you go in New Zealand; you will be blown away.

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