A Budapest City Guide

a quick guide to hungary's capital city


Budapest is one of the four European capital cities on the Danube. Together with Vienna, Bratislava, and Belgrade, it is tightly packed cultural hub and one of the most beautiful cities. The Danube separates the city of Budapest in two; Buda and Pest. Buda on the west side is known for being classical and serene, whilst Pest on the east side, which covers more than two-thirds of the entire city is more urban with a touch of communist architecture. Budapest is a thriving city full of culture and trying to visit every landmark is not an easy task to do.



combine the experience of buda and pest in 1 weekend


There are countless things that separate this capital from its counterparts. Budapest bachelor weekends have their international recognition for a good reason. This city is one of the best party hubs in Europe and arguably the world. Magnetizing bars and clubs will pop up everywhere you go and finding a place to have provocative fun here is never a challenge. You could also have some fun by exploring the city on a bike ride


There is no doubt that the river is the main protagonist of the city. Creating one of the most beautiful pictures of the old continent thanks to, among others, the Buda Castle, the Hungarian Parliament, and Margarita Island. Just as you arrive you will find that Budapest is a very tourist oriented city. But keep in mind that unlike other European capitals, the offer of Budapest is not limited only to the wonderful views and buildings.



It also provides you with a variety of culinary and leisure possibilities that will satisfy all types of tourists. And all at a great price as a bonus! Prices of dishes in Budapest are more than affordable in comparison to the EU standard and places to have a mouthwatering meal are in abundance. You will never be more than one minute from a charming open cafe or beautiful restaurant that serves national cuisine that you must try. 


A delicious local beer, Soproni for example, will cost around €1 in the best places in the city and will be the best reward after a day of walking. That will come handy once you realize that Budapest is a very good city to explore on foot.


Budapest has a fantastic public transport system, If you have to go around fast and cheap then head straight for the subway. It is very efficient and covers absolutely all the points of interest in the city. 


Discover for yourself the fantastic contrast between the Gothic and neoclassical architecture of the center of Budapest and the gray and cold, cement that reigns on the periphery of the city, an unforgettable legacy of communism during the second half of the 20th century.





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