Casa Legado: A Truly Unique Hotel Experience in Bogota

Situated somewhat unexpectedly in a cool neighbourhood of Bogota, Casa Legado is a little bit of extraordinary within the ordinary.


David and I love travelling the world in search of new, unique experiences. We've stayed in some of the best hotels all over the globe (looking at you especially, Nungwi) but Casa Legado in Bogota has to be one of the most incredible hotel experiences out there. Period. 


We were invited to breakfast at the hotel by Helena, the owner of Casa Legado. She gave us a tour of her beautiful hotel and explained the concept behind it, which left both David and I in awe. 


Casa Legado is a boutique hotel, however I use the word hotel very lightly, as really, its not like a hotel at all. "I want people to come here and feel like they are in my home" explained Helena, and she has definitely achieved that goal. Casa Legado only opened in January 2018, and it is one of the most expensive hotels in Bogota with rooms starting from $300 USD per night. The only hotel in the same range is Four Seasons, and although these two hotels are in the same price bracket, they couldn't offer more different experiences. 


Casa Legado is in the perfect neighbourhood in Bogota, you are very close to lots of trendy coffee shops, restaurants and bars. But the best thing about this hotel isn't what surrounds it, but rather, what lies inside. 


The Concept

The main concept behind Casa Legado, and what separates it from your average boutique hotel; is the personalised experience which comes along with it.


There is no reception desk and no concierge. 


In fact, Casa Legado isn't really like a hotel at all, but instead it feels like the home of an old friend.



And like when staying in someones home, Helena and her team want to get to know each and every guest and provide a personalised experience. They go above any beyond what any 5 star hotel would generally offer their guests, down to the smallest details. During your stay, you will have two members of staff assigned to you during your entire stay who will ensure you have everything you could possibly need.


They also stock the fridge full of the food you like and you can help yourself to it, along with any drinks from the well-stocked drinks cabinet. The staff will prepare meals for you, or you can also use the beautiful and well stocked kitchen if you fancy cooking yourself. 


Helena and her team think of everything and she shared some stories with us of the kinds of things they have done for their guests. For example, when one American couple were visiting Bogota on Thanksgiving they emailed Helena in advance to ask where they could have a Thanksgiving meal. Rather than recommend a restaurant, Helena hosted a Thanksgiving dinner for them at Casa Legado inviting round her friends and family as well. The guests loved being able to celebrate Thanksgiving in a home rather than a restaurant, and also being able to meet locals to experience it with them. 


Helena's family also owns a 2nd hotel in the Colombian countryside not too far from Bogota; and if you want, you can opt to spend a night or two here. Helena will take you there and show you around the property, the staff can either stay with you or if you would like some privacy they can also leave and pick you up the next day. 


At Casa Legado, everything is taken care of before you even have a chance to think about it.


the design

There is no denying that Helena is an incredibly gifted interior designer, she designed all the rooms herself and all the artwork is from local artists which you can also purchase during you stay. 


The inspiration behind the interior of Casa Legado is Helena's family. Each room is uniquely decorated based on a member of her family, from the warm and cosy setting of Lina's living room, named affectionally after her mother. Or, the boyishly sophisticated bedroom which is inspired by her nephew. Each room of the house is a unique space where Helena has managed to capture her families personalities beautifully, and staying in each room makes you feel like you know Helena and her family a little better.


We absolutely loved the interior of Casa Legado, it gave us serious house goals! 



Each room is light and airy, yet cosy and comfortable at the same time. Helena has used a light colour scheme with splashes of colour and every room has its own individual style yet the theme is consistent throughout the hotel. 


A stay at Casa Legado is the perfect way to spend time in Bogota. Using this little slice of heaven as a base whilst you explore the bustling capital city, then return to the tranquil setting of Casa Legado provides the perfect balance. 

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