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Oktoberfest, Munich



Oktoberfest is the world's largest beer festival and travelling carnival. With over 6 million people visiting every year, this festival has become an important part of Bavarian culture. 


Munich's Oktoberfest began as a wedding celebration for the Bavarian crown prince on 12th October in 1810. Today the Munich festival traditionally takes place during the 16 days leading up to and including the first Sunday in October. 


Today you can wander through the wide streets of the carnival town, past the colourful stalls selling everything from delicious local Bavarian food to 5 euro a shot accuracy games. Then move indoors to the magnificent, larger than life beer tents.  Dance on benches, sing your heart out and prost beer with new found friends. It's time to dawn the lederhosen and soak up the atmosphere; join the beer seekers pilgrimage to Munich and become part of history. 


Do & Co Hotel, Munchen


When planning a trip to Oktoberfest, then the Do & Co Hotel in Munich is one of the best hotels to stay in in the city. It is a boutique hotel featuring 31 individually & elegantly designed rooms with incredible views of the city's most famous landmarks, as well as 2 highly rated restaurants. This modern, sleek world-class hotel is the perfect place to base yourself when you to enjoy the best of Oktoberfest without compromising on comfort. 


The Do & Co is only a 28 minute walk from the heart of the Oktoberfest festival which means its close enough to be able to walk to and from the carnival without the need for public transport, but far enough away that you won't be disturbed by late night festival goers after a few too many beers. 


Situated close to Marienplatz, a stay at Do & Co Munchen also enables you to see some of the best sights in the city in addition to visiting Oktoberfest.



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