Filandia: Getting Off the Beaten Path in Colombia's Coffee Region

Filandia Colombia

filandia, colombia

When considering a visit to Colombia's coffee region then you will no doubt hear about the town of Salento which is the most well known spot in the famous "coffee triangle". However, the problem with Salento is that everyone else in Colombia has heard of it too which means it's almost overrun with tourists. Although, definitely still worth a visit, there is a little town not too far away which offers a much more authentic experience. 


Welcome to Filandia, Colombia.


Filandia is the hidden gem of Colombia's coffee region and is only 45 minutes from Salento, yet feels a world away. This quiet little town doesn't see too many tourists but those who do venture out here will fall in love with it. This quaint little town has a beautiful main square, countless coffee shops and is surrounded by beautiful countryside where some of the best coffee in Colombia is grown. The town of Filandia itself is great, however our favourite part of our trip here actually wasn't the town, but instead the place where we stayed...

where to stay in filandia

Filandia Colombia

If you decide to visit Filandia, then you need to stay at Casa Muy ChaCho. Seriously, don't consider staying anywhere else. 


Casa Muy ChaCho is more of a home than a hotel; owned by a French couple named Charlotte and Jordan, they have turned their home into the perfect resting stop for travellers visiting this area of Colombia. Their home is situated about 15 minutes from the town of Filandia and completely surrounded by the Colombian countryside. It is the most beautiful and relaxing setting, and after spending 2 days here we honestly didn't want to leave. 


Filandia Colombia

Our Working Area

There is a perfect relaxing area filled with comfy cushions and swinging chairs, where our days were filled with lying in hammocks and enjoying the view whilst hummingbirds hovered around us. You can help yourself to fruit which is grown on nearby trees and wander down the country roads when you want to stretch your legs. You will be amazed at just how green this part of Colombia is. Also, the sunsets from the chill area are incredible, you can just lie back and watch the sky turn to fire. After over 2 months on the road, spending a couple of days here was exactly what we needed and we just felt so relaxed. 


It's also easy enough to get to from the town as a collectivo's go between the main square and Casa Muy ChaCho every couple of hours and only cost 3,000 COP. Whenever we finally clambered out of our hammocks we would jump on a collectivo into town to grab a delicious coffee and pick up some supplies. 


Filandia Colombia
Filandia Colombia

what to do in filandia, Colombia

Filandia Colombia

If you ever manage to pull yourself out of a hammock at Casa Muy ChaCho, then you should definitely take a trip into town. Like most towns in Colombia, Filandia is quaint and colourful, and best of all it's filled with coffee shops! It's a lovely place to wander around and the perfect excuse to sip some coffee and visit one of the best restaurants we visited in all of Colombia!


Drink Coffee at Jahn Cafe. 


There are countless coffee shops in Filandia - this is coffee country after all. Jahn Cafe is well known for being home to the best coffee in town so make sure you try one from here, but we also just loved wandering between all the coffee shops and trying different ones. 

Eat at Helena Adentro


We would travel all the way to Filandia just to eat at this restaurant. It was quite simply incredible! Open for both lunch and dinner, at Helena Adentro they use the very best of local, seasonal produce, work with local farmers and make magic in their kitchen. This restaurant has even been voted the best restaurant in this region of Colombia. 

Enjoy the food & view at Tuk Tuk


Tuk Tuk is an Asian restaurant that offers breathtaking views over the Colombian countryside from it's terrace. It is the perfect spot to enjoy some food, a cold beer and watch the sunset. 

Sunset from Tuk Tuk

We loved our relaxing time in Filandia, it was a breath of fresh air from nearby Salento and the perfect place to slow down for a little while. Whether you spend your days chilling in a hammock, or wandering from cafe to cafe in town; the pace of life here is wonderfully slow and whenever you finally decide to leave, you will feel perfectly recharged. 


Half This World Away was a guest as Casa Muy ChaCho, however all opinions remain our own.

Filandia Colombia
Filandia Colombia
Filandia Colombia
Filandia Colombia


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