After spending the majority of our adult lives travelling or living overseas, we came to realise that our favourite way to explore new destinations is through it's cuisine. From a comforting bowl of steaming stew on a cold winters night in the Czech Republic, to sweet and spicy barbecued prawns on a golden beach in Indonesia. 


We love food, and we love to tell stories through food as we think it is one of the universal things which links us all. From eating our first ever Sancocho with a man from Medellin in a little local eatery filled with Colombians whilst he asked us about William Wallace and whiskey, to indulging on delicious street food on the corners of bustling streets in Hanoi and even eating at some of the very best restaurants in the world, where chefs use and showcase their countries native produce to give us a taste of something we've never had before.


We love it all, and we want to keep exploring the world, one bite at a time. 



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