A Granada Tapas Tour: Eating Like a Local in Granada

Granada Tapas Tour

a tapas tour in granada


Tapas originated in Granada, so we knew if there was anywhere in Spain to eat tapas; it had to be here. With over 3,500 tapas bars, knowing where to eat in Granada can be overwhelming to say the least, which is why this is the perfect place to indulge in a tapas tour!


Whenever we visit a new destination; we always love meeting locals who can show us the hidden places no tourists would ever find, and this is exactly the type of experience Granada Tapas Tours offer. We were kindly invited on a customised tapas tour with them, and our lovely guide Gayle spent the afternoon with us, guiding us from one tapas bar to the next, pointing out all the places where locals go, the best bars for certain things and the tourist traps we should avoid. 


Although Gayle is originally from Scotland, she has lived in Spain for over 20 years and knows Granada like the back of her hand. What initially started as showing visiting friends and family the best places for tapas in Granada; gradually became Granada's longest running food tour company. We had a lovely and thoroughly filling afternoon with Gayle, which felt more like an old friend showing us around their neighbourhood as opposed to a tour. With a genuine passion for Granada and its tapas, Gayle shared some of her favourite places in the city with us and gave us some invaluable tips for the rest of our stay!




what to expect on the tapas tour


Granada Tapas Tours offer a wide range of different food tours; including a hidden gems tour and a craft beer and tapas tour! We done the customised tapas tour which means there is no planned route nor pre-arranged places to visit. Instead, Gayle met us at the start of the tour and after a quick chat that gave her an inkling into the types of places we would like to visit, we headed to our first tapas bar. 


Our afternoon started off with tasting some local wine, and speciality beer in a nearby little bar. We tried various tapas dishes along side the drinks as Gayle shared stories about Granada with us. From the best things to do in the city, why we need to visit the Granda Tapas Festival to why Granadian's aren't always considered the friendliest of Spanish people!




We would wander down Granada's streets and pop into different places, trying the dish or drink that particular bar was most well-known for. Gayle was able to tell us so much about each restaurant, from the hidden little bar that offers the most authentic flamenco dancing you are likely to ever to see, to the best place to try a brain omelette! These little nuggets of local knowledge are invaluable to travellers who want to see the real Granada. 


As there is no fixed route, we simply wandered through Granada's pretty streets; occasionally stopping at various tapas bars which Gayle knew were great. Some bars specialised in particular dishes, or put a modern twist on things and others and had barely changed in the last 50 years. 



From square croquettes, to delicious local wine and a paella in one of Granada's most famous eateries, we were throughouly full by the end of the afternoon but we were able to squeeze in a little cake! We couldn't possibly visit Granada without trying a Piononos de Sante Fe, a cake which takes its name from Pope Pius XI as he visited Granada in 1897 and this cake was prepared for his official visit! We actually weren't mad on this cake, but did taste a delicious chocolate one which won an award the previous year. 




You can't really go far wrong with an afternoon of eating mouth-watering tapas, and drinking delicious wine. However, being with Granada Tapas Tours enabled us to delve a little bit deeper into Granada's tapas scene and how the locals eat here. There are far too many tapas bars to make your way around in Granada (and believe me, we tried!) so taking a tour is the perfect way to see the highlights of Granada's bustling food scene. 


For any foodie visiting Granada, then this is a great way to spend a sunny afternoon!



Half This World Away was a guest with Granada Tapas Tours, however all opinions remain our own


a granada tapas tour
granada tapas tour


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