Hello Again




It's us again and yes, we are alive!


Thank you all for your messages and for checking in on us over the past few months. It's crazy to think this is our first blog post in almost 4 months!! We've just had our longest break from the blogging world since launching Half This World Away back in 2015.


And the break has been good; we needed it. 


But we're back and we're excited to share everything we've been up to in 2019 so far as well as what we have planned for the rest of the year!



so where have we been?


We explored Hong Kong in December before spending a month with David's family in New Zealand for Christmas and New Year. It was so bloody good to be back in NZ, to escape the cold Scottish winter and just relax. We were away for 6 weeks and although we wrote A Foodies Guide to Hong Kong whilst we were there, we've not written a single thing since!


No blog, no Instagram, no Twitter!


It's been nice to switch off from social media and simply enjoy this pregnancy journey together. (In case you missed our big announcement, we're expecting our first baby later this month). We've been in a bit of a baby bubble; planning and organising things, which meant things have been pretty crazy since returning to Scotland in mid-January.


At the start of the year, it was time to buy a house and finally put down some roots. We moved into our first home on 1st February and since then, it's been a mad dash to getting everything ready for this baby's imminent arrival! The past couple of months have been filled painting and decorating, more trips to Ikea than I can count, numerous fights with flat pack furniture and developing a bit of an obsession with indoor plants. 


But, finally, there is light at the end of the tunnel! Our house is nearly finished and we only have a couple more weeks until we reach our due date. 


Our new home!!

what's coming up?


As we are about to become parents; our lives will no doubt change in ways we are yet to comprehend. However, one thing that neither of us plan on changing is our love of travel. And whilst we will no doubt need to adapt how we travel - we want to show our baby the world!


We have already booked our first overseas trip for September this year - it was rather strange booking flights for a baby that isn't here yet! And are also in the midst of planning a trip to Thailand early next year! 


We've got lots of content to share from our time in New Zealand as well as other little trips we have done. I've learned a lot about how to travel whilst pregnant - which isn't always the easiest and will share all my tips on here too. Once the baby is here then we hope to write about how to travel with a baby and hopefully you can all learn from the countless mistakes we will most likely make! Whilst Half This World Away will always be a travel a blog; it will continue to grow with us as it has done over the past 4 years and we can't wait to introduce you all to the newest member of our travelling family when he/she arrives!


I was about 8 weeks pregnant here!



So this is just a quick post to say hello again, and thank you for being patient with us. We're back and we are super excited to share this next chapter of our lives with you all as we try to juggle becoming new parents along with satisfying our desire to see the world. 


Stay tuned as we're about to embark on the greatest adventure of all!



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