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Established in 2015, Half This World Away started as a luxury travel blog and gradually became a go-to resource for luxury travellers looking for the best place to stay whilst visiting a particular city or destination. Our goal is to feature and promote only the very best hotels from around the world; where a stay is an experience unto itself. 


Over the past decade we have built an audience of avid luxury travellers; our readers trust our reviews and recommendations and this relationship is what makes Half This World Away truly unique. 






At Half This World Away, you pay an annual subscription fee and no commission. 


Everything you make via Half This World Away is yours - no hidden costs or fees. 


We are a marketing platform, not a booking agent therefore we just get on with what we do best, showcasing your incredible hotel and increasing your direct bookings. 







Our mission is to give a platform to incredible hotels around the world, encouraging travellers to bypass comparison websites and instead, book directly with our partnered hotels. Over the past decade we have built trust with our readers, providing free travel resources across the world as well as honest and reliable recommendations. 


We believe travel isn't just about the destination. We know first hand the importance of a hotel when visiting a foreign country; the personalised touches, the local knowledge, and the feeling of comfort and safety are all vitally important when it comes to our experiences in new places.








We are a small company, with a big reach and we work hard to get your hotel noticed. 


Being listed on Half This World Away means exposure to over 100,000 monthly avid travellers who are searching for a luxury stay.

Our social media audience is constantly growing. With over 20,000 highly engaged followers who love to travel. 

Half This World Away hotels are seen by over 15,000 email subscribers in our eye-catching and promotional campaigns. 


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