Staying at Palazzo Manfredi, Rome

An unforgettable stay in the beating heart of Rome

Key Features

The unique location and incomparable views of Palazzo Manfredi offer the ultimate in luxury and hospitality across its 12 rooms, two suites and seven grand view suites, each with a clever mix of contemporary furnishings and works of art dating back to the 16th century.


Whether it is the wallpaper, the hardwood oak floors or bathrooms clad in the finest marble, all of the rooms are designed down to the last detail to give guests an experience like no other. Not only in terms of elegance and comfort, but also thanks to a privileged location that commands unparalleled views of the ancient capital.


Staying at Palazzo Manfredi enables you to discover Rome at its most authentic; with the Colosseum so close you can almost touch it. And whilst you will be perfectly placed to explore the ever-fascinating city of Rome, at the end of each day you can return to the return to the incredible Palazzo Manfredi to experience the le best of Italian hospitality. 


Inside, the charming boutique hotel located in a period residence which is steeped in history itself you will really feel like a part of this historic city. Manfredi's combination of location with hospitality, elegance and impeccable service gives you an experience of Rome like no other.


In a city renowned for its incredible restaurants, make sure you keep an evening free during your stay to enjoy a meal at Michelin stared Aroma restaurant situated on the top floor of your hotel. The Aroma restaurant may have the best view in all of Rome with a terrace overlooking the Colosseum itself. 


Rome is a bucket list destination for so many people; a real once in a lifetime trip. Choosing to stay at Palazzo Manfredi ensures your trip to Rome not only meets, but exceeds all your expectations. 



Via Labicana, 125 - 00184, Rome

Tel - (+39) 06 77591380


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