Hauling Stuff? 7 Things You DON’T Actually Need In Your Luggage


Do you dutifully read every packing list and carry all the “essentials” mentioned? Do you fear regretting not carrying something that might be useful in your trip? As a result, is your travel bag no less than a nightmare? 


If your answers to these questions are in the affirmative, you are on the right page then! 


All those who are in the habit of overpacking (or not really, but somehow end up doing it), here’s a huge shoutout to you. We understand the complexities that come with packing and are here to assist you. For the same, we have curated a list of the 7 things most people DON’T actually need for travel but these end up in their luggage just for their sake.


jewellery & valuables

Because, you don’t want to become an attraction for the thieves, right? 


Secondly, you will not get a chance to use them more than once or twice on your trip. On top of that, you also run the risk of losing them. 


So, isn’t it best that you leave your expensive stuff and valuables at home? This will also help you play the part of a local appropriately and purchase some really exquisite souvenirs at economical prices. 


bulky zoom lenses for your camera

Unless you are a professional photographer and are extremely keen to take some really impressive pictures of your trip, carrying those heavy camera lenses are not the best bet. 


If you’re someone who sucks at it, trust us, those lenses will drive you insane! You will not only be using your handy DSLRs for the convenience and speed but also end up carrying the burden of those bulky lenses along. 


Ask yourself twice, are you that big a freak for high quality pictures? 



more than 1 pair of jeans

Jeans are an indispensable component of your wardrobe, even when travelling. 


But, that does not mean you stuff your luggage with all the variety you have. No doubt, jeans are a fashion staple, are durable, and can go days without washing.


Thoughtfully, pack just one pair which you think will go well with blouses and shirts you are carrying. 


more than 1 jacket

Just like jeans, you DON’T need more than one jacket. 


Agreed, temperatures dip even the hottest of regions at night (we are talking about deserts here; they get chilly during nighttime) but that does not mean you have secured your chance to overpack. 


It’s always good to pack a single light jacket unless you’re travelling to some extremely cold region. Try to avoid that heavy jacket you are planning to take with you. 



too many gadgets & gear

We get it, you are a tech freak. Still, it does not make sense to carry all your favourite gadgets while travelling. And, the same goes with safety gear. You just need your Streamlight flashlight for an emergency situation and that is it. 


At the maximum, you should carry your phone, charger, power bank, camera and a pair of headphones. Nothing beyond these gadgets. 


Items like an electric toothbrush, portable DVD players, electric kettle, just leave them at home, please. Because, it is likely, you WON’T need them. 



anything you are second guessing

Trust us, the OUNCES matter. 


That being said, if you are second guessing any item while packing, do not consider it. 


On the other hand, leave behind all those items too that give you the vibe “what if I had to go to this occasion and might need it”. It’s a total waste of time and energy to pack and carry it just for a single-use. 




Just so you know, we saved you from an overweight, bulky luggage and you owe us for it. (Just Kidding!)


While packing, make sure to be destination specific and try to go as light as possible. While for general NOT to pack items, you have anyway got clarity.


Remember, carrying less is the key. Have a happy and light travel! 




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