"A prophet once said "Don't tell me what a man says, don't tell me what a man knows. Tell me where he's traveled?' I wonder about that, do we get smarter, more enlightenment as we travel? Does travel bring wisdom? I think there is probably no better place to find out than Peru" - Anthony Bourdain


Peru is a country of extremes; from the highest of mountains, bluest of lakes, to the driest of deserts. From some of the best fine-dining restaurants in the world, to mouthwatering street food. And of course, the Mecca of the Inca Empire; Machu Picchu. 


We spent 6 weeks exploring Peru; starting in the foodie paradise of Lima;. home to 3 of the Top 50 Restaurants in the world, as well as countless others making The Top 50 in Latin America list. Lima is a place you come to eat, and eat we did. We explored the city with our taste buds, took various food tours and learned about the fascinating history of Peruvian food and why the country has the best cuisine in the world. After Lima, we headed north to Huaraz to hike Laguna 69, which is one of the most beautiful and demanding trails we've ever done. After a bout of altitude sickness we were more than happy to get back to sea level and continued onto Paracas; known for the famous Nazca lines and Isla de la Plata (or "The Poor Man's Galapagos"). After Paracas, we sand boarded down dunes in the desert oasis of Huacachina then made our way to the impossibly pretty city of Arequipa. Before finally descending on the beautiful Cusco in time to trek to Machu Picchu; the 7th wonder of the world. After a 4 day jungle trek to the famous Inca ruins, we finished off our time in Cusco with another hike to Rainbow Mountain which was our first time over 5000m. After here, we made our way south with a final stop off at Puno to see the floating islands before crossing the border into Bolivia. 


Peru is rich in both natural beauty and fascinating history. It is the perfect destination for foodies, hikers and history buffs alike. 

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