A New Kind of Vacation Rental in Memphis, Tennessee


Renting out a home, whether to long- or short-term tenants is tougher to do right than most people would imagine – rental properties require a host of logistics that the majority of first-time landlords don’t consider until they’re neck deep in remedial efforts. And, the bandwidth these issues soak-up may play a role in why so many vacation rentals that, in theory, should be great places to stay, simply aren’t. 


What are the common problems? Misconceptions about the true definition of “clean.” Odors that property owners have become “smell blind” to.  Quirky appliances. Lack of linens, kitchen utensils and tableware. Unexpected people living in a mother-in-law suite. Neighbors – or property owners – who aren’t fans of a house or apartment’s new purpose. Cryptic instructions for finding the keys to the place. No answers to calls about issues encountered while staying at the property.


All of these oversights by property owners have contributed to a general feeling that booking a stay on a home-share site is a roll of the dice.



Recently, however, a new type of vacation rental has been providing travelers seeking vacation home rentals Memphis, TN a new option that combines the dependability of a hotel with the space and amenities of a vacation property. And, they address all of the issues listed above: 


      Consistently clean: These professionally managed apartments get a thorough cleaning each and every time guests check out. That means no hidden messes.

      No weird odors: A no-smoking and no-pets policy means that you won’t be confronted with strange scents, stains or pet hair.

      Appliances that work: Yep. That means a functioning dishwasher, washer & dryer and refrigerator/freezer.

      Clean linens, plus a set of extras: You won’t have to wonder, because they’ll be professionally laundered.

      Kitchen and tableware: All of the basics – knives, cutting boards, ladles, plates, glasses and silverware – plus a coffee maker and coffee – will all be present. 

      Just you and your travel mates: You’ll book a full travel apartment – with nobody’s stuff – and nobody else, ever – in your space.

      They’re completely on the up-and-up: You won’t be instructed to tell the neighbors that you’re “just visiting the owners.”

      You’ll enjoy a self-guided check-in: Directions for accessing your travel apartment come right to your inbox – or to your user account. No meeting the owner at the convenience store down the block.

      24/7 guest services: Help is just a phone call away, and there are always in-city staff on call if your issue can’t be resolved over the phone.


Plus, these travel apartments have some things going for them that most vacation rentals don't:


      They’re always located in a downtown neighborhood, where you’ll have easy – and often walkable – access to the best of the city’s restaurants, shops and attractions. 

      The amenities – which often include fitness centers, swimming pools and BBQ areas – are free for guests to use, and they’re always well-maintained.

      Prices are similar to what you’d pay for a hotel, but you’ll get so much more space.

      They’re available in many U.S. cities – so if you like what you’ve experienced in Memphis, you’ll probably be able to find a similar experience next time you travel for business or pleasure.

      Private bedrooms: Nearly all non-studio units give you private rooms where you can shut the door for some peace and quiet.

      Spacious living areas: Ever tried to have a business meeting or family get-together in a hotel room? If so, you’ve inevitably learned that the edge of the bed makes for a less than ideal business or social setting.

      Rewards-program addict? Your folks taught you the value of a dollar, didn’t they? Unique to the vacation-rental industry, a rewards program gives you one free night for every ten you stay when you create an account and book directly on the company’s website.


Granted, these spaces are not stand-alone houses – and a no-party policy means that they’re not the ideal place to bring a horde of rowdy bachelorette revelors, but if it’s an upscale space in a walkable neighborhood you’re looking for, this new type of hospitality company might be right up your alley.


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