Visit The Alhambra and stay at the Parador de Granada


Located inside the Alhambra – which is one of the world’s great architectural wonders – is the stately, yet charming Parador Granada. Simply put, a stay in this hotel is a magical experience. You will feel as if you have somehow stepped back several centuries and are walking in the footsteps of both Moorish sultans, and Spanish kings and queens.


Also known as the Parador San Francisco, this 4 star hotel is one of the most famous in all of Spain due to its location inside the Alhambra. Staying at this hotel, enables guests to have the rare experience of spending your evenings inside the enchanting Alhambra after all the other visitors have left. Seeing the Alhambra illuminated at night really is a sight you won’t forget.


When visiting Granada, there really is no better place to stay to get a authentic feel of the city.


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